Important Legal Disclaimer

BCS Importers,Manufacturers and Suppliers – Important Information : Legal Indemnity Disclaimer
All these mats on this webpage has been designed to be used as part of a total fall management program. Please note, that no safety mat or EVA mat can prevent all injuries, as a result of an accidental rolling or falling etc.There is no guarantee the user will be protected against all injuries as a result of a fall.

Adult or Martial Arts trainer supervision are required with the use of these mats, to provide guidance or mitigate / reduce the risks of serious injuries …as a result of a fall.

The buyer (you ,as the customer) hereby indemnifies the seller (us ,BCS Importers,Manufacturers and Suppliers) ,directly or indirectly or implied of any liability or damages in respect of any injuries or personal injuries in respect of the use of these mats and accept these terms and conditions of sale when buying / acquiring any of these safety mats.Your invoice or any email correspondence will serve as sufficient evidence of your acceptance of the above terms and conditions,received by hand or electronically via email correspondence or via post.

Please Note : All orders are irrevocable / non refundable in cash and cannot be exchange for alternative products.Therefore , buy a sample to make an informed decision.